Singapore’s top three dishes you should try before you die

Singapore’s top three dishes you should try before you die

Food in Singapore is like its culture, a melting pot of different cultures, traditions, and cuisines that are combined together which is Singaporean food. It has cultural influences from all parts of Asian which has assembled together in a unique and very flavorful dishes.

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Singapore has a variety of authentic food and dishes which highlights the country’s rich culture and tradition, as a foodie, you are in to a difficult but mouthwatering task to taste and try all of Singapore’s best dishes. The country offers a lot and there are also a lot of similarities of food in Malaysia and Indonesia.

In fact, a lot of tourists flock in Singapore not just for its towering skyscrapers and other tourist destinations, but also its food which is very rich in culture and flavor.

To give you an idea of which Singaporean food you should be eating, here are the top three of it courtesy of food tour Singapore.

  1. Chili crab– In Singapore, Chili crab is the national dish of this country, in fact, CNN poll ranked 35th as the world’s fifty best foods. Chili crab is a simple, yet very delectable dish which a lot of people are dying to try whenever they visit Singapore.
  2. Hainanese Chicken– Coming from Hainan Province, this dish is one of the most favorite local foods in Singapore.
  3. Nasi Lemak– A famous Malay local dish that is also very popular in Singapore and originates in neighboring Malaysia.


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